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Ring Sizing Guide

Need help finding a ring size?

We're here to help. While we encourage going to a local jeweler and getting sized in person, we realize this is not always the easiest or most convenient option. So, we have a few other avenues for you to choose from when trying to get that perfect fit. Here are the options:

1. Our handy-dandy ring sizer is only $15 dollars (shipping included), and will ensure that you order the correct size. When you finally make your purchase with us, you’ll receive a $15 dollar credit towards the price of the ring you purchase. Contact us at concierge@steviewren.com to receive a ring sizer. 

2. Use our printable guide to help determine a ring size (also download our Additional Tips page HERE)

    • To download the guides, click on the hyperlinks above. You will see the document open in another window. Right Click or Double-Click on your mouse/mousepad directly on the image. Click "Save Image As/Save Image". A dialogue box will open, and save the .jpg on your computer. You will see it download on your webpage. From there, go open the document where you decided to save it, and print the document from there.