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Customising Our Items

Make it
your own

Not the stone or gold color you’re looking for? We can customize any of our designs in Rose, Yellow, White, 14K or 18K gold. You can also select your stones colors - the choice is yours. Pricing on design customization may vary from original price listed.

Bespoke Design

Let’s create your one-of-a-kind together.

You will work step-by-step with Karen or Stevie to create your dream piece. It will begin with a discovery conversation about your wants and needs, and overall concept of the design. You will be provided a rough sketch, and once approved, you will be given a full render of the piece.

If alterations to design are needed, we will then go through multiple drafts until we achieve your vision. Once we have the final render, we will discuss stones and appropriate materials and metals for the design. Pictures of stones will be provided and must be approved by you before any production begins. If you don’t know where to start, do not worry, just contact us - we are delighted to chat and begin this process with you.

What do you need to know?

1. All special orders & bespoke designs are non refundable & cannot be returned.

2. Special orders take on average 6 -10 weeks to be delivered to customers. Bespoke items can take anywhere from 10 - 12 weeks to be delivered to customer depending on complexity of the piece.

Please fill in the form belowand we will get back to you shortly.

You can also email us at concierge@steviewren.com or call us at 800.804.4349 if you would rather chat with us.

Tell us how we can help?

If there is a piece that you want to customise pease let us know which one and what stones / colors are you interested in. For bespoke pieces let us now know more about your ideas and occasion. We are always happy to advice and discus options with you.