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Jewelry Care Guide

Caring for your favorite StevieWren piece is an important part to relieving normal wear and tear. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your jewelry stay's in tip-top condition. If you have any questions, please email us at info@steviewren.com.

Wearing Jewelry

Cleaning & Gardening? Take off your jewelry! – Please be sure to remove your jewelry during daily, manual tasks like gardening, kitchen work, and cleaning. Chemicals and cleaning fluids can cause serious damage to your jewelry. 

First make-up, then accessorize – Be sure to finish your make-up and spritz your hairspray before putting on your jewelry. Don't forget to let your perfume dry before accessorizing as well!

Contact sports & jewelry...said no one ever– Unless they are small diamond studs, there is no reason you would be wearing fine jewelry during contact sports. Be sure to remove it to ensure your safety as well as others. 

Cleaning Jewelry

We want YOU to be squeaky clean, not your jewelry – Remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap is actually harmful to jewels as it can create a fuzzy gray film over the gold and stones. If you take it off before you shower, it will save alot of time and effort for future cleaning of the jewelry.

 Jewelry Polishing Cloths – Polish silver or gold with a jewelry polishing cloth for best results. Just invest in the professional cloths, they really work the best. 

 Be careful while cleaning your jewelry – It's great if you have time to clean your jewelry. If you do, use regular rubbing alcohol and STAY AWAY from bleach. But in the end, it's always best to have your jewelry cleaned professionally by your local jeweler. 

 Stick to warm water – When cleaning the jewelry, be sure to use warm water. If the water is to hot it can cause discoloration, especially in sterling silver!

 Damaged already? Don't touch it! – Really just don't touch it! It may only worsen if you try to clean it yourself. Contact us directly and we can help you solve the problem. 

Storing Jewelry

Let's lock n' load  The easiest way to store your jewelry is to buy small plastic jewelry bags. Place each piece in one bag seperately, then place the baggies in a lined or padded case. You can buy jewelry travel cases and these work well also. 

 Prevent tarnishing? Sign me up! –If you havn't worn the jewelry in a while, it's common that it may tarnish a bit. So be sure to take some anti-tarnish stips along in your travel case, just in case. 

 When traveling keep your jewelry super protected –If you are traveling with some "fine" jewelry, be sure to take it in your purse or carry-on luggage. This will ensure that it stay's with you the entire lenght of travel time. Another option is to buy a lock to lock your suitcase.