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Empowering Young Women

The foundation of Stevie Wren was built on the fundamental ideals of women empowerment: strength, confidence, and self-reliance. Former VP of Marketing in Chicago, Karen is a strong advocate for women in business leadership, and feels a sense of responsibility to help mentor the younger generation of millennial women. 

 After Stevie graduated college, Karen realized this lack of female leadership in her own daughters career path, so she sought to create a company that would teach Stevie the various aspects of building a business in a supportive and judgment-free environment. Overall, instilling a sense of privilege, self-worth, and independence. 

 Karen and Stevie feel it is part of their social responsibility as women to “give back” to these programs that are helping empower young women. While Stevie & Karen have always made charitable giving a priority, now, a portion of every Stevie Wren Fine Jewelry sale goes directly towards mentorship programs that empower and teach young girls to be joyful and confident about who they are as individuals, while also teaching them their limitless potential, and encouraging them to boldly pursue their dreams.