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New York Stylist Spotlight: Samantha Brown's Lessons on Layering

StevieWren X Samantha Brown

We are so excited to announce New York  Stylist, Samantha Brown, as StevieWren's official Brand Ambassador! Samantha is a contributing blogger to our website, as she curates the shopping experience for blog visitors. Samantha has featured StevieWren jewelry in projects for Amazon, on her private clients, and across social media channels. Trained by Stacy London, she has put together an amazing lesson on layering all StevieWren collections. Be sure to check out our designer spotlight on her website Here. 

A Lesson in Layering

Personal style is defined by the way an individual mixes and matches their clothing and accessories to create a look that is all their own. Layering isn’t so much about piling on the jewelry (think: Coco Chanel and her famous quote about taking one thing off before you walk out the door…) but rather, using strategic pieces to draw the eye to a certain area. Jewelry is one of the fastest ways to add visual interest to an outfit, so layering our necklaces, bracelets, rings and even earrings will help us define a personal style that stands out from the crowd.

Lesson #1:

When layering necklaces, consider proportion. Delicate chains always look fantastic when mixed together, but if you’re choosing a chunkier pendant, layer it with a more delicate one.

Get the look: Necklaces

Casper & Skyler

img-0839.jpg  img-0857.jpg

Nazerus & Everyglow

img-1026.jpg +       img-0817.jpg

Lesson # 2:

In a 90’s trend resurgence, multiple ear piercings have made a huge comeback. Opt for an ear cuff for one-and-done, or mix and match to layer up the earlobe.

Get the look: Ear Party


Blue Star, Hasley, & Tripp

 +    +  

Lesson # 3:

When it comes to rings and bling, the more the merrier. Stack ‘em high with your favorite colored stones. Keep the stack to one metal tone, or mix it up for a more eclectic look.

Get the look: Stack Rings


Blu, Carat, Rec, Soar, & Syng


Tomi, Vine, Warped, Wed, & Bobbi


Lesson # 4:

A single bracelet looks great alongside a fabulous watch, but when in doubt, add a few more. Beaded stacks lend a more casual vibe while bangles help to elevate a look.

Get the look: Best Bracelets

Gemma, Carli, Dewald, & Clark


Ay-Dee, Classique, & Sephiria