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Spring Jewelry Trends

Can’t seem to keep up with all the latest jewelry trends? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Harpers Bazaar recently published an article highlighting the top 5 spring jewelry trends. Granted, these trends were more “runway-ready”, then IRL (in real life*), but lucky for us, all of the trends are completely transferable to everyday! *Which, sometimes isn’t always the case in high fashion.*

One of the biggest take-aways from the article? Color, color, & ,yes you guessed it, more color. It’s finally time to add a pop of excitement to your gem collection. Who else has been wishing and praying this would happen? Well we have! And it’s finally here. Fun, vibrant jewelry is the new trend and its here to stay. You just happen to be in luck, because here at Stevie Wren, we have so many perfectly-perfect colorful options for you!

No matter what your preference, we have the most customized assortment. Everything from turquoise studs to our ombré semi-precious eternity bands, you are sure to be on top of this spring trend.

A little weary of all this color ? We have the perfect option for you. Mix and match subtle hints of color with our sophisticated semi-precious stone charms from the GemDropp collection. You can also add a hint ­of color to the Gemdropp threader earrings with the same charms – cool, right? This is perfect if you like trying new things or just get bored of the same old jewels. There is no better time than the present to treat yourself or someone special in your life!

Speaking of spring trends, I’ve been inspired by many celebrities on social media wearing little gold hoops. And it’s no surprise that hoops – in fact- are another spring jewelry trend according to Harpers. This is by far one of my favorite trends going on and here’s why: it’s paired with sweatpants and a sweatshirt. That’s right, not with a mini dress or an expensive jumpsuit, just simply your quarantine outfit. I mean come on, how perfect is that? You can “dress up” any lazy outfit with some hoops and BAM, you’re officially ~trendy~! Now, you’re probably wondering how you can dress up your stay-at-home fashion. This requires a little more effort than throwing on a pair of hoops, but I assure you that it is going to be fun.

Here at SW, we’re pretty #obsessed with Tie-dye, and oooo baby, is it back *insert fast hand-clapping emoji here*! What better way to spend your free time (which we now have copious amounts of – thanks COVID) than a little D.I.Y project. Let’s channel our inner Flower Child, shall we? Take any pair of old sweatpants, a t-shirt, or even a sweatshirt and tie-dye them ! Use tones of pinks and yellows for a brighter look, or just go all in with the full rainbow effect – the sky’s the limit! Just, make sure you wash them after and in no time you have another fun and simple way of jumping on the trend-wagon. Check out our D.I.Y tie-dye instructions below.

Hint: Be sure to add your hoops to this D.I.Y. outfit! (If you’re curious, we’d add our 14K turquoise hoops in yellow gold – which were just re-stocked on the website, YAY!)

*Article written in collaboration by Anna McAndrew for Stevie Wren Fine Jewelry*