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Positively Peridot


What's our favorite gemstone right now? Well, if you haven't guessed it already, it's peridot. I know you're asking why - well, don't worry I'm going to tell you.

Aside from being a great color to use for spring designs, this stone also harnesses some amazing spiritual energy. Which - lets be honest - we all need right now!

Peridot is a heart chakra gemstone. If you know nothing about chakras, the short of it is that they are our physic centers, where energy flows to and fro. The heart chakra specifically embodies your ability to love unconditionally, whether that be love towards yourself or others.

Here's a short list of this gemstones powerful vibrations:

☆Protects against negative emotions

☆Reduces Anxiety

☆Increases strength & vitality

☆Brings happiness & warmth

☆Supports mental clarity

Overall, peridot is a talisman of love and abundance. With the current societal climate, we could all use a little bit of this right now!

Now, get those heart chakra juices flowing! We created this fun Color-By-Number, feel free to use your artistic expression