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Karen & Stevie's Valentine's Day


LITERALLY! You name it: Flowers, candy, Hallmark cards... they're everywhere, and you know what that means: Valentine's Day. After all, it is only 7 days away. Yes, you heard me. SEVEN. How did this happen? We're still getting over the fact that it's 2020 (LOL).

So, What's up? What are the big V-day Plans this year? Anyone? *Crickets*

Yup, we get it. That seems to be the consensus year after year. So, let's be real about V-day for a hot-sec: A) restaurants overcharge for pre-set menu's that, usually, are not tasty. B) an average bouquet of flowers suddenly becomes the upfront cost of one months rent and C) all the sudden we're absolutely obsessed with anything (and everything) that's pink, sparkly, and in the shape of a heart - What is this madness?!

*Had to go on that small tangent, moving on...*

Growing up, Karen (my mother, Founder/CEO) always use to love Valentine's Day. Why you ask? Well, that's because my brother and I were always her Valentine's. So, in a way, I never associated the holiday with a "significant other", more so, just love for other people, and more importantly yourself!

We know all too well the classic clichébetween jewelry & Valentine's Day, but Karen and myself look at it differently. While it's nice getting something sparkly from that special person in your life, what about gifting yourself for simply getting through a super rough week at work, or doing a mother/daughter momentum gift to always feel close to one another.

See! It doesn't' have to be all lovey-dovey, exploding heart-shaped stuffed animals at every turn, kind of holiday. Let's simply start to re-think the way we view Valentine's Day: Universal love to others and thyself.

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