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How to Pick the PERFECT Jewelry for Your Lifestyle!

Choosing the ideal jewelry for any occasion is straightforward, but picking the right ones that match your lifestyle can be challenging. With plenty of available options on the market today, and with trends changing frequently, deciding has become even more difficult. You can easily get lost in a wide array of styles and designs.

When purchasing jewelry, one of the most important things you need to remember is that whatever you choose, it should always compliment you and your personality. Here at Stevie Wren Fine Jewelry, we have an extensive unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry line that will fit your everyday lifestyle.

Your Personal Style

There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing the right jewelry for your lifestyle. Follow these simple tips to figure out what you need to wear to complement your style. Your wardrobe is the first thing you need to consider as well as the type of jewelry you fancy. Think of the image you want to convey and what style the jewelry represents in the kind of lifestyle you have.

  • For the sentimental. If you have a statement piece that you always wear every day that you have become attached to, layer it with pieces that will compliment it. A bar locket with a short chain goes well with a lariat slide necklace like this White Diamond 14K Gold Circlet Slide Lariat Necklace, as it balances out the look.
  • For the elegant. If you're the type who loves dressing up on a day to day basis, with an everyday outfit that matches other women's casual evening attire. You can soften up your “day” look by opting for a simple bracelet from one of our Misfit Bracelets collection to complement your diamonds, fancy ensemble, and signature handbag.
  • For the athletic. If you love sports and you’re someone who's always outdoor activities, you don't want a jewelry that will go in the way of your activities. Opt for pieces with flat designs and practical stone settings such as a our simple stacking bands like the Diamond Mini Chain Ring or a pair of fun stud earrings, such as the Rainbow Diamond Octagon Huggie’s.

Comfort and Budget

Make sure you are always comfortable with what you're wearing. Your daytime jewelry should not have sharp edges or too heavy since you will be wearing them throughout the day. Do not wear something that you will not be comfortable.

Since new styles are always coming out, a great technique to update your collection is to treat yourself with a new piece or two with every other paycheck. Remember to not stray away from those “investment” pieces. Although they may be more expensive at first, in the long run it’s a bigger bang for the buck.